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CLOUDS (CLimate Office Unified Data System) API Home

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CLOUDS API: CLimate Office Unified Data System API

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Obtaining Access To The CLOUDS API

Controlled access to this data service (or API) by registration is required, due to the constraints of data access on servers and support personnel of the North Carolina State Climate Office (NCSCO). A NCSCO ID account, and its associated API user hash, are required to access the API. Self-signup can be done at Once provided with a hash, API hashes (or keys) may NOT be shared with other users.

Users may not redistribute their access credentials or raw data accessed to third-parties. Data obtained by this data service may not be distributed or displayed for commercial use. This data is intended to be used by governmental agencies to protect lives and property, the public for general information, and educational institutions for instructional and research purposes. By obtaining access, you agree to these terms. Users who violate these terms may have their access and accounts revoked.


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